How to Get a Perfect Toned Body to Look Ravishing in a Saree

With the wedding season lurking round the corner most of us would be decked in traditional attires. Learn few easy ways to get a super toned body such as to look ravishing in a saree!

Tucking them with corsets, or hiding them with the empire lines, or camouflage them with beautiful prints- There’s no escape of hiding your unsightly flab when you drape a saree around your body. A quintessential traditional wear of India, is carried by women with great panache. 


A glamorous attire has to be complimented with a perfect body to get compliments each one of us would vouch for. Thus staying healthy and keeping fit is most essential to look good in whatever we wear. Although a size zero body type is not possible for all, but a fitter body gives you more confidence in carrying a gorgeous saree that you have been waiting all this while to show off at the next upcoming event.

Work outs have to be complimented with food control to get best results on a daily basis. So to beat the fat, all you have to do is just gear up a bit and give 15 minutes to your body to get the toned look like any  celeb you could dream off.

Saree Trends 

These are a few exercises suggested for you to follow to hit your goal faster:

  1. Midriffs are the most exposed areas in a saree which is most susceptible to fat and flab. A combination of crunches works best on this area. According to fitness trainers pulse crunches and stomach crunches for the upper abs and reversed leg raise for the lower abs work best to fight the flab in this area to get a fab ab.
  2. Tricep dips and arm circles work superb if you are craving for envious arms that you would love to flaunt from your halter blouses or noodle straps.
  3. To add sensuality to your appearance in the six-yards, a delectable back is also desired. A combination of squats with walking lunges finishing off with two sets of surya namaskar if done honestly promises to add sensuality to your look.

  4. Push ups for the chest line is a rescue to attain a firm b-line which is quite essential to get a sexy look while you drape the stunning flowy material around you.

    An excuse for not going to the gym when time is restrained, or not being able to fit an exercise session in your daily regime, then also it is possible to target and achieve a fitter and toned body at home. Honest dedication in doing certain exercises for 15 minutes a day promises to give you a stunning look in the six yard drape and earn admiring remarks from all which boost your esteem and leave you looking glamorous.