Green, Yellow and Orange – The Traditional Indian Flavor

Create a beautiful ethnic ambiance in your wedding by using green, orange and yellow in different ways in your wedding décor. 

Indian culture is known for its color and vibrancy. Among the different colors that are omnipresent in the various rituals of Indian weddings are green, orange and yellow. Green is symbolic of prosperity, wealth and fertility. Orange is symbolic of sacrifice, security, warmth, passion and fun. Yellow is considered to be an emotional color that symbolizes confidence, friendliness, creativity, self esteem and emotional stability. With these colors symbolizing qualities that are so essential for a successful long lasting relationship, it is no wonder that they are perfect for weddings. The best thing about these colors is that they offer a lot of flexibility in usage, in addition to being very pleasant to the eye. Use them in multiple ways to add color and elegance to your wedding. 

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Earthy Brilliance 


The beautiful combination of the earthy tones green, yellow and orange makes weddings come alive with a traditional Indian flavor. Experiment and use it in different wedding elements, including sweets, cakes, clothes, and cutlery to create a visually appealing and pleasant ambiance. 


Naturally Appetizing 


Bring a pleasant natural element on to your wedding table setting by using green, yellow and orange colored embellishments. Here is a lovely setting, with orange and yellow flower arrangements, orange napkin and gold hued cutlery. Green leaves, napkins and cushioned sofa add charm to the whole settings. 

Picture Credits : Pinterest

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