Favourite words by Mr. Serendipity

Having lived more than 30 years of my life as a bachelor, you would reckon that I would want to do some special things to prepare for my wedding. 

Well, I did!

When my credit card statement for the month before my wedding came, I got a shock – it was as if someone had stolen my card or I had gone a little nuts! I was half expecting my credit card firm to call me to confirm if I had indeed undertaken a series of suspicious transactions.

Let me elaborate. 

For want of a better way to describe it, I had never bathed in a shop before. Nevertheless, prior to my wedding, I was convinced that I should try a Moroccan bath somewhere in the city centre.

“You must!” said my friend. “You will feel like a new person.”

I’ve been to many places in the world, but entering the bath house was surreal.  Most of the ‘bathers’ seemed like they were enjoying a day out at the beach. I was ushered to my own sauna room, and spent a bit of time feeling like a beached whale there, waiting to be rescued. I had no idea what to do. 


Someone then came in and scrubbed me so much. I was shocked to see the amount of skin scraped off! 

“You see sir, all these dirty skin…”

One expensive bath later, I didn’t feel like a new person – I felt like a new organism. 

Now, what preparation for a wedding would be complete without the facial? 

I stepped into a saloon and asked “Do you have facial?”, and I was presented a restaurant-like menu.  Some selections contained all sorts of nuts, others used milk and many were vegetarian… 

Going into the treatment room was like entering a galaxy far far away.  There was a reclining chair somewhat like the one we find at the dentist’s, ambient lighting and background music! For about 90 minutes, I had all sorts of thing applied to my face, and if I felt it right, many things were plucked off as well.  I was slightly worried that I would be leaving the room bleeding from my pores… but I was soon lulled into a deep sleep. I awoke at the end of the treatment, and began to feel air on my face like never before. It was as if many dormant sensors on my face had been awakened.  

The grand finale was the trip to the saloon to do what you would to the hair. For someone who had been going to a barber all his life and only had one instruction to the guy with the clippers (grade 3 please), I did violently object at first when the stylist suggested ‘ironing’ my hair after spending nearly an hour cutting it, relenting only when he assured me that I could wash away the ironing with a shower. Manicure and pedicure followed, and never have I had so many people fuss over me like that! My nails looked like artisans had worked on them… 

That was the one and only time. It was like a trip to the theme park for me, spread over a few days.  

To all the ladies out there, I know now a little bit about the joys of pampering yourselves.  To the guys, try it out at least once, your wedding being an excellent excuse, and later on, leave these trips to the missus!