Boarding The Groom On Pre Wedding Preparations

When you see the vivid wedding colours and hear the bells some months ahead of you, it should only herald one thing. You are about to go through one of the most adventurous time in your life in the name of wedding preparations. While wedding has been an affair for both men and women, the groom has often been on the safe side or sometimes at lost as to what and where his role is in pre wedding involvements.


So let us delve deeper into groom’s embracement of pre wedding build-up.

How do you get him involved?

First of all, you need to understand the groom’s psychology. They do not like to be urged and demanded. Most men tend to become easily frustrated and annoyed especially when ultimatum seeps into their responsibility, further compounding their wedding stress.

Involvement does not mean lay them the ‘to-do-list’. Rather than involving the groom, allowing him to participate will be a better idea. Is there a difference you ask? Yes!  For instance if he is a music enthusiast, allow him to select the band, artist or musicians for the ceremony. This will rather make it an enjoyable task for him. The hypothesis is to make the groom feel he has a slice of dominion in the event, in which he enjoys being wrapped up in.

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Make amicable request

Go gentle with everything you would want him to be part of. If you cannot handle the duties by yourself, nicely allow him to understand it. Always remember the wedding plan is the first of many ‘tests’ for your partnership and togetherness. It is vital that you bring him into a conversation to get you on his shoulders and go through the preparations in cohesion. The affable tag-team approach will make him more motivated to be sunshine throughout the journey.

Do not overlook his contribution

Never dismiss his suggestions outright. His ideas may contradict of your vision of how the wedding should be like. However compromise is the ultimate mantra for marriage. And if there is no room for compromises in pre wedding planning itself, you may well expect a rough ride after it. So make it a pre marriage oath to respect his decisions and appreciate them. Resist the ego of dismissing his input in wedding preparations even if it is far-fetched.



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Areas grooms can be forerunners

The grooms are often assigned to heavy duties like driving, travelling, settling the bills and perhaps fetching. But what most of us failed to realise is that men are capable of many other things especially in the areas women take up their responsibilities and have been doing their social chores. For instance cooking, tailoring, designing, handcrafting and the list goes on. We can argue all day long about who is better but these women-bound fields are prevalently dominated by men in profession wise and expertise. Consequently, the evidence indicates men have better sense of taste if channelled and reaped correctly. Having said that, seriously incorporate their wisdom in picking the theme, colours, wedding cards, decorations and many others which were allocated to your responsibility. He may sound too ambitious but it could potentially raise all eyebrows in town. While you may question his taste, be known that even most leading decorators are men and so does the groom. Hence when the choices are laid, be prepared for an audacious execution from the macho half of yours. Try it!

Pre-Wedding territories grooms have overlooked in the past

Take note gents. Research is a key area. Although statistically women attend more wedding functions and have reliable know-how, there is just so much room for complacency and errors. Hence, grooms should step up to the plate by doing some homework and feed the extra input. Surfing the internet will provide ample of information that you never knew. One can search out a list of top reception deejays, find tips on proper wedding etiquette, and even search for designers. Likewise, you also can get to see the previous works done by your potential choice of companies which they exhibit in their web gallery. This predominantly comes in handy when choosing photographers and videographers.  Wedding forums and discussion boards without a doubt is enlightenment. You would realise where the preparations are lacking with the do’s and don’ts.  Literally you get a wholesome pre-wedding planner education by just putting a little initiative and use the new media.  Besides online, go and grab your friends. Experience and fresh opinions help big time. They may provide contacts for you to get better price range and valuable feedbacks from their own past undertakings particularly in areas like catering, an assignment the grooms often bestowed the responsibility. 


Grooming for the groom is another subject some men take for granted. Manicure, pedicure, facial, hair styling, shaving, spa, detoxifying and much more. If you just wondered what were all these, then you definitely need a serious makeover. Also, working out to keep your body in shape will be extra satisfying once you wear that favourite attire of yours and get showered with compliments. And another important thing when speaking about grooming and keeping fit is to check out the specific details on what to do for the march up to your big day. It will definitely transform you to become that prince charming you always desired.


In nutshell, with the balanced mixture of groundwork coupled with understanding from both groom and the bride, it will eventually swirl into an unstoppable unification making the end product a merrier occasion. And if you have not realized, as you read through this you have just taken the first step to get the groom encompassed with the pre wedding preparations. The rest will follow. Believe!