5 Amazing Mathapatti Designs For Bride to Be's

Matha Patti/ Mang tikka is something that adds an enchanting appeal to your overall wedding look. A beautifully studded Matha Patti is something you won't resist adding when it comes to your special day. It is on NO.1 position for Every BRIDE. From sober patties to heavily embellished layers, women all across the world are counting on Matthapatti's for years now. However, with the evolution of the latest trend and upgrades into the fashion industry- today, you can find numerous designs and styles to choose from that can complement your outfit perfectly.

Hence, Stylists At Tussaar.com has curated a list and styles of these enticing pieces of jewellery. Take a look:

Layered Heavily Embellished Kundan Style Mathapatti:

 Loved by most women - heavy Kundan style matha Patti can complete your look and give you an enchanting royal appeal. This style should be on your priority list for brides who are celebrating a BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING. If you're someone who loves to pair heavy jewellery pieces, we ensure you won't resist buying it.


Emerald Styled Mathapatti:

 If you're someone counting on wearing Reds & Maroons, you should rely on Emerald Matha Pattis for your wedding season. It is another authentic style of headgear that gives you a royal appeal. Count on Emeralds and flaunt your overall look like never before

South Indian Style Multi-Layered:

 Matha Patti's style comes with a gold touch and gives you a traditional South Indian culture. A beautifully studded headgear in the middle and multiple strands across the head is something you should count on to complete your bridal look.


Rajasthani Ethnic Matha Patti:

Rajasthan is well known for its royal culture, which represents their jewelry as well. Brides focusing on a royal yet a bit of traditional old gold theme, this mangitka can be your perfect choice.  A Rajasthani style mangitka with heavily embellished brooch can recreate your look and make you look enticingly different on your wedding day. However, this is the traditional jewelry of people residing in Rajasthan and is typically worn at their weddings.


Pearl/Moti Styled Mangtika:

A blend of grace and elegance, pearl jewelry never goes out of style and if you're someone who loves to go a bit simple yet look significant, you should never miss this! Beaded beautifully with delicate embellishments, Pearl or Moti style Mangtika should be your perfect choice. Pearls are usually white; however, if you're looking for something on the brighter side, you can count on colourful motis as well.


Concluding, above is the list of some exquisite yet impressive ranges of matha Patti or mang tika you can count on this wedding season. Pick the best as per your event and your outfit, and we can assure you're going to look as stunning as ever!